I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, in private practice in Southold, New York. For information about my practice and methodology please see the Psychology Today online directory.


Trained in mindfulness and meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, I combine these practices with the 12 Steps, creative writing and evidence-based approaches such as CBT, DBT and Motivational interviewing. My clients are small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and educators facing diverse challenges, looking for support in managing transitions, or reinventing themselves after a major change or loss. I also work with people in recovery from substance abuse, and people in codependent relationships.

Therapy is a partnership. I would be happy to talk with you for 15 minutes with no charge, to determine whether to schedule a meeting. I will refer you to another therapist, if that seems appropriate. I do not accept insurance in my practice, but I do offer a sliding scale as needed.

Therapy need not be a lengthy, drawn-out process. Results may be obtained from the very first visit. No session is complete without a “takeaway” we create together that you can apply to achieve a immediate result.


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Say Something & Do Something:

Suicide Prevention, For Friends Helping Friends


This article will train readers to recognize danger signs and intervene effectively when a friend or roommate is in danger of self-harm. Readers will learn three strategies to help a friend at risk: 1) practice reflective listening and compassionate neutrality; 2) form a safety plan; 3) carry out the plan by communicating effectively with family members and institutional helpers. With this training, readers will learn how to advocate for peers, and create a safety net for suicide prevention that will benefit their entire community.…DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLE

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